Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LIve Webcast today! Ethics lecture/discussion/chat


"When is a Pile a Heap? How to deal with moral vagueness."
  Richard Gilmore
IPPL Regional Fellow
Professor of Philosophy, Concordia College

October 20, 6 p.m. central

Watch online and chat with the speaker and audience at:

 Or, if you are in Grand Forks, join us at the University of North Dakota Bookstore, 775 Hamline St,
Grand Forks, ND. Attendance and parking are free!

The discussion is for general audiences,
and no previous knowledge of philosophy is required.


"Although some situations are morally clear (the right or wrong thing to do is obvious), most are ethically ambiguous. How can we act properly when what the right thing to do is so vague? In this discussion, Richard Gilmore, a Professor of Philosophy at Concordia College, will discuss the search for moral clarity by focusing on a classic philosophical problem: the paradox of the heap. How many grains of sand make a pile? Twenty? One hundred? When does the pile become a heap? After a thousand? Two thousand? Gilmore hopes to show that, in many ways, ethics is like this; there are no moments of absolute precision. But, he will argue, through trying to define the heap, we can also clarify what it means to accurately define the right thing to do.
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