Friday, January 21, 2011

The Prodigal Blog Returns

Greetings all. Followers of the blog may have noticed that we've been shut down for a bit. There are lots of reasons for this which aren't worth articulating. I'm happy to report, thought, that we're back in action. Thank you for to those who have been patient with us.

There will be a slight change in the blog. In order to help inspire you with more philosophical questions, rather than just post longer blog entries, as we've been doing, we'll also post links to interesting pieces published by others with a brief explanation as to why they are being posted. (We'll continue to do the longer pieces, naturally.) This is, of course, a very common way to run a blog, and there is, obviously, a reason for it. Now that we've learned the reason, we too hope to regain the excitement and enthusiasm we left behind a few months ago.

Thanks for your interest and thanks again for your patience.

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