Tuesday, May 17, 2011

“Growing Up North Dakotan” - A special live event from WHY? Radio.

What do young North Dakotans think about out-migration?

How do they feel about their identities, their home state, and their interactions with non-North Dakotans?

What does being a North Dakotan mean to them?

Join us for:

“Growing Up North Dakotan”

A panel discussion featuring Joshua Boschee, Kathryn Joyce, Jessie Veeder Schofield, and others. Moderated by WHY? host Jack Russell Weinstein.

Sunday, May 22 · 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Prairie Public Television Studio
207 5th Street North
Fargo, ND.

Click here for the location on Google Maps:
The event is free. Come be a part of the audience, ask questions, make comments, and engage philosophically with this most important issue.

For more information, contact: whyradioshow@und.edu

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