Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Announcing the 2013-2014 season of WHY? Radio!

Why? Philosophical Discussions about Everyday Life
2013-2014 Season

All episodes are broadcast at 5 p.m. central time.
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First episode this Sunday!

September 8:
“Should there be national standards fo­­­r education?”
Guest: Michael Apple

October 13:
“The Unity of the Sciences: Is all knowledge connected?”
Guest: Joseph Margolis

November 10:
“Civic Renewal in America”
Guest: Peter Levine

December 8:
“What is happiness?”
Guest: Sissela Bok

January 12:
“How to tell the story of art”
Guest: Ross King

February 9:
“Is there an ethics for the developing world?”
Guest: Fonna Forman & Teddy Cruz

March 9:
“Can American politics be directed by a philosopher?
The case of F.A. Hayek”
Guest: Bruce Caldwell

April 13
“Can there be a world without borders?”
Guest: Seyla Benhabib

May 11
“Are Indian tribes sovereign nations?”
Guest: George Tinker

June 8
“Are there too many people for our environment?”
Guest: Phil Cafaro & Charmayne Palomba

To listen live from anywhere in the world, go to www.whyradioshow.org.

To listen via broadcast radio in North Dakota, tune to 89.3 in Grand Forks, 91.9 in Fargo, 90.5 in Bismarck,
and to other Prairie Public radio stations across the state.

In East Grand Forks, Thief River Falls, and other parts of Northwestern Minnesota, tune in via Pioneer 90.1 FM.

This season of WHY? Radio is funded, in part, by a grant from the Knight Foundation/Community Foundation of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks.

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WHY? is a production of The Institute for Philosophy in Public Life. For more information about our other programs and to learn how to get involved, visit: http://www.philosophyinpubliclife.org

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