Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A special internet-only episode of WHY? Radio: The Disappeared: Human Rights and Art

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“The Disappeared: Human Rights and Art”

Guests: Sarah Cahill, Christian Correa, Father Jack Davis, and Emmanuel Jal
A panel discussion recorded at the North Dakota Museum of Art, on December 2, 2009.

Five years ago, The North Dakota Museum of Art hosted a panel on art and human rights to commemorate their exhibit The Disappeared. We thought the recording was lost forever, but we found it, cleaned it up, and have put it online.

The Disappeared is an exploration of victims of political violence in Latin America. It’s a chilling exhibit that got worldwide attention, including a review in The New York Times. The panel was an opportunity to explore the same themes with musicians and activists who know about violence first hand. My guests on the panel are pianist Sarah Cahill, Christian Correa, Father Jack Davis, and hip-hop musician and author, Emmanuel Jal.

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