Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why ask Amy, Prudence, or Dan Savage, when you can ask Plato, Kierkegaard and Simone de Beauvoir? (Help PQED with its new advice project.)

So, we at PQED thought we would do something fun, amidst all the discussion about guns, sports, and child molestation. We are going to try a philosopher’s advice column and we need your help. Send us questions that you want answered or scenarios you need advice about. We are pretty open to anything—dating or relationship advice, life decisions, ethical quandaries—whatever you throw at us, we’ll take a shot at. We’re not advice experts, of course, but we’ll put the philosophical spin on your question that no one else does. It’s worth a try, right? What have you got to lose?

This is something we’ve done before. We have already given dating advice once and helped someone decide whether to take gloves from a Lost and Found. Read those entries and see if you can imagine getting our input. (Actually, Jack, who writes the posts, is well-known for giving excellent advice to friends, family, and students. Just ask him. He'll tell you.)

Send your questions to We promise we will only refer to you by your first name or initials, whichever you prefer, and we will never give out your email address to anyone. Your questions will stay completely anonymous.

So, let’s see if we get some momentum going. It’s an experiment, but a fun one. We want to show, as always, that philosophy is neither irrelevant, nor boring. It can, and will, improve your life.

Remember, that email address is

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