Monday, November 17, 2014

Introducing the "Philosophy is Everywhere" project...because, well, philosophy really is everywhere.

When we teach philosophy, we teach the great books and the complicated arguments. But there is so much more philosophy than what we see in college. The Philosophy is Everywhere project aims at highlighting the little bits of philosophy that we encounter every day. The quotes from celebrities, the passages in books, the comments from politicians, the art, music, and day to day conversation that happens while we are busy looking at other things. These are all philosophy, too.

Philosophy is Everywhere is a new Instagram-based project aimed at getting the attention of a younger, more pop-culture aware audience. It speaks to people in their teens and twenties, and to the older folks who have never let go of the excitement of seeing the “thoughtful” in their entertainment.

So, please subscribe to @whyradioshow in Instagram and get the latest Philosophy is Everywhere image sent directly to your phone. (You can subscribe via Twitter too, but you’ll have to click a link to see the image.) Comment via our feed and share our images with your friends.

And, if you’re really inspired, make your own images and send them our way! We will publish the best submission via @whyradioshow and highlight the creator. Just email a high-quality jpeg or png to The more philosophy the merrier.

Let’s show the world that philosophy is everywhere, that social networks can be intelligent, and that we are discovering ever more evidence that there really is no ivory tower.

We just started, but here is the Instagram feed so far (this will update as we post more):

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