Thursday, September 24, 2015

Announcing the Why? Radio 2015-2016 season

Why? Radio is pleased to announce its 2015-2016 season.
We look forward to your thoughts and comments during the shows.

All episodes are broadcast 5 pm central time on the date listed. Listen live from anywhere in the world at and in North Dakota at 89.3 (Grand Forks), 91.9 (Fargo), 90.5 (Bismarck), and on Prairie Public radio stations across the state.

View this schedule online at:

September 13: “Are we morally obligated to live in a racially integrated society?” Guest: Elizabeth Anderson (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) – already available in our archives at:

October 11: “Text as image, image as text: How one artist uses language to combine art and literature.” Guest: Alexandra Grant (independent artist based in Los Angeles).

November 8: "What is Courage?" Guest: Ryan Balot (University of Toronto).

December 13: "Metaphors We Live By: A Classic Revisited." Guests: George Lakoff (University of California Berkeley) and Mark Johnson (University of Oregon).

January 10: "What does Buddhism Offer an African-American Woman?" Guest: Janice Dean Willis (Wesleyan University).

February 14: "Are Sports Destroying American Universities?" Guest: Murray Sperber, University of Indiana.

March 13: "Why Philosophy Won't Go Away." Guest: Rebecca Newberger Goldstein (author/philosopher and winner of the National Humanities Medal).

April 10: "How to Think Philosophically About Aging." Guest Sharona Hoffman (Case Western Reserve University).

May 8: "Do We Still Need The Eighteenth Century?"  Guest: Ryan Patrick Hanley (Marquette University).

June 12: "Why is Religious Commitment Important?" Guest: Robert Audi (University of Notre Dame).

July 10: "What is Africana Philosophy?" Guest: Tommie Shelby (Harvard University).
August 14: "Should Prostitution Be Legal?" Guest: Peter de Marneffe (Arizona State University)
Please donate to Why? Radio.
Why? Radio needs your help more than ever; we have to be self-sustaining. Why? Radio has to raise our own money and pay our own bills; we get no money from the University of North Dakota. Not surprisingly, there aren¹t a lot of grants for philosophy out there and there are even fewer for public philosophy. We rely almost entirely on our listeners. So, we are asking you to please donate. Your contribution is tax deductible, and because Why? Radio is so inexpensive to produce (every guest volunteers his or her time), your donation goes a long way. A very long way.
We would also like to offer you an incentive.
For gifts of $25 or more, donors will receive the world jazz CD Lua e Sol from Mark Weinstein (while supplies last). This is the album that contains all of the wonderful music that makes up the show¹s soundtrack.
For gifts of $100 or more, donors will receive a handful of his CDs, remarkable music from Brazil, Cuba, and some straight-ahead jazz. You can visit Mark¹s website and listen to his other music at 
Donations of $250 or more will get the CD¹s and you¹ll be named on the air as an episode¹s sponsor. You¹ll be a role-model for all of our listeners.
So please visit our website to donate:
Because really, if you won¹t support philosophy, who will?
Thank you for your support and thank you for listening to Why? Radio. 
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